Creating the best rent payment experience

The rent payment experience hasn’t evolved for decades, for a reason. With clunky payment systems, unclear incentives between landlord and tenant, and no room for flexibility, renters often feel like an afterthought. The result: paying rent on time is expensive, inflexible, and difficult.

Flex is working to change that.

At Flex, we offer renters the flexible and cost-effective experience they deserve, helping them feel confident in the way they spend their money. We partner with thousands of properties across the United States, seamlessly integrating with existing rent payment portals to offer Flex’s services to their residents.


Since 2019, hundreds of thousands of customers have used Flex to pay their rent on time, save millions in unnecessary fees, avoid eviction, improve cash flow, and build their credit history. Last year alone, we saved customers over $20 million in rent late fees.


Our mission is to empower as many renters as possible with flexibility over their most significant recurring expense. No matter who you are or how you earn, we believe that everyone should have the right to pay their rent in a way that works best for them.


Our Values

Mission over everything

We believe in driving maximum impact for the maximum number of people. We envision a world where paying for the things that matter most is effortless and worry-free. We will break every barrier we need to achieve this mission and change the way money works.

Drivers, not passengers

We drive results and take ownership, regardless of level or title. As drivers, we have an extreme bias for action and always take accountability for the end results.

High on humility

Self-awareness is a cornerstone for us. It enables us to recognize where we can improve and creates an open and collaborative environment where people bring out the best in each other.

Intense focus, rapid iteration

We operate at lightning speed while
maintaining a high quality of work. We prioritize ruthlessly, fail fast and deliver the results that matter most.

Let’s do it now

When something needs to get done, we believe in doing it right away. We are decisive and defy conventional wisdom to execute and deliver as quickly as possible.

Unique perspectives matter

Diversity of thought challenges our thinking and fuels growth and innovation. We’re proud of building an inclusive and equitable workplace where every voice is empowered.