Can You Apply for the Same Apartment Twice?

If your application for an apartment gets rejected, there’s no rule prohibiting you from applying for the same unit a second time. However, if nothing changed between the two applications, it’s unlikely the outcome will be any different. For the most part, it only makes sense to reapply for an apartment if the reason you were initially rejected is no longer applicable.

For example, if your income fell below the required minimum, but you’ve since secured a raise and now earn enough to cross the threshold, submitting a new application could work. Similarly, if your credit score was too low, but it’s gone up since you applied initially, you could consider reapplying.

If you didn’t meet the landlord’s requirements before, but you do now, the landlord will likely reconsider you as a tenant. However, if the reason for the rejection remains, then reapplying will typically result in another rejected application.

Another reason why you may want to reapply is if you were simply beaten out by another qualified tenant. For instance, some landlords process applications in the order they’re received, giving those who apply earlier the ability to secure the apartment before any subsequent applicants. In this case, your application wasn’t the issue; it was merely timing. As a result, applying again as soon as a unit is available could secure you the apartment.

Finally, it’s possible another applicant’s application was simply more appealing. For example, maybe your references were good, but theirs were excellent, setting them apart. In that case, you might want to work to make your rental application more appealing. Then, if you apply again, you increase your odds of getting selected.

How to Make Your Rental Application More Appealing

If you want to make sure your rental application is as appealing as possible, you’ll want to tackle a few steps.

First, check your credit report and score before you apply. That lets you know if there are any errors that need correcting, as well as if you meet any minimum requirements. If there are issues, then you can focus on fixing them before you look for a new rental, making you a stronger applicant.

Second, have all of your documents ready. If you can provide proof of identity, proof of employment or income, a list of references, and similar items right away, you’ll come across as organized and prepared, which works in your favor.

Third, make sure you have high-quality references. Choose only people who will speak well of you, particularly in regard to how you are as a tenant. Additionally, chat with people you want to list before you provide their details to the landlord. Confirm they’re willing to act as a reference, and let them know to expect a call.

Finally, consider including a cover letter with your application. It’s a chance to showcase your enthusiasm for the apartment and why you’re an excellent tenant. In some cases, that’s enough to set you apart, allowing you to land the apartment of your dreams.