Dallas Rent Assistance: Where to Get Help with Rent

Struggling to pay rent can be incredibly scary. When you’re housing is at risk, the resulting insecurity takes an emotional and mental toll. Luckily, whether you’ve already missed a payment or you know you won’t be able to make the next one, you do have options. Here is a look at where you can turn for help paying the rent in Dallas.

Where to Get Help with the Rent in Dallas

Texas Rent Relief

Texas Rent Relief – a program run by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) – was set up to offer emergency support to households in need. Along with rent assistance, you may also be eligible for help with utilities. Plus, this program can address current needs and provide financial support to catch up on past-due rent or utility bills.

The eligibility requirements are fairly straightforward. You need to:

  • Maintain your primary residence in Texas
  • Meet the income requirements for the Dallas area
  • Have a rent amount that is below the limit for Dallas
  • Have an eviction or past-due notice, or be at risk of moving to an unsafe/unhealthy environment if rent isn’t paid
  • Have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 financially
  • Have not received rent assistance from programs

If you meet the rent assistance requirements, any approved funds will go straight to your landlord and not to you directly.

Housing Crisis Center

The Housing Crisis Center of Dallas focuses on homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing. If you’re at risk of eviction, you may qualify for emergency rental assistance.

Your household’s income and the availability of funds play a role in whether financial support is available to you. However, if you qualify, you may also be able to get help to avoid utility shutoffs if you’re struggling to pay those bills, too.

North Dallas Shared Ministries

Serving the Dallas area, North Dallas Shared Ministries offers support to low-income households. Along with a financial aid program that can function as rent assistance, there’s also a food pantry, clothing program, school supply program, and more.

Plus, there’s also a dental clinic available. This can be a boon for low-income households, regardless of whether they are struggling to pay their usual bills.

CLC, Inc.

If you are a military veteran living in Dallas, you may be eligible for rent assistance through CLC, Inc. While the organization mainly focuses on career-oriented areas, they also operate the Combatants Overcoming Income Needs (COIN) program, which provides financial support for a range of needs, including rent.

St. Vincent de Paul

A faith-based nonprofit operating throughout the country, St. Vincent de Paul runs several support programs to prevent homelessness. If you’re a qualifying household, you may be able to receive rent assistance to ensure you can remain in your home.

White Rock Center of Hope

Operating in the Dallas area, the White Rock Center of Hope focuses on helping community members overcome hardships, including financial challenges. If you’re at risk of eviction due to an inability to pay rent, the nonprofit may be able to provide you with financial support to get you back on track.

Additionally, there are programs that provide help for more than rent. Transpiration assistance, school supplies, clothing, food, and other programs are also available to those who qualify.

Services of Hope

Services of Hope can help households in need through rental assistance and other programs. You do need a demonstrated financial need, including proof of a COVID-19-related monetary hardship, as well as meet income requirements and more. A full application is required before funds will be reserved for you, so it’s best to gather all of the necessary documents in advance, ensuring you can do your part to streamline the process.

Metrocrest Services

Metrocrest Services offers a variety of financial support options to local residents, including people in the Denton County portion of Dallas. There’s a rent assistance program, as well as several others, including financial help for utilities, food through the pantry, employment search assistance, clothing, and more.

Dallas County Emergency Housing Assistance

If you live in Dallas County but aren’t in the city of Dallas, you may be able to get rent help through the Dallas County Emergency Housing Assistance program. Getting support here can be a little tricky. Along with meeting the eligibility requirements, applications are processed using a lottery system. As a result, there’s no guarantee as to when yours will move forward. However, it can be worth exploring, particularly if you have a potential ongoing need for help.


If you’re struggling to pay rent, you may be able to get assistance from Goodwill. While the organization usually concentrates on job opportunities, there are programs for other kinds of support.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a national organization with regional offices. At times, rent assistance is available, making it a potential place to turn if you need help paying rent in Dallas.

United Way

The United Way is known for providing financial support to individuals experiencing extreme hardship. Along with rent assistance, you may be able to get help covering other needs, including covering utility payments or accessing food.

Public Housing Authority

Anyone who is struggling with rent who lives in public housing, or is using a voucher program, should contact their local housing authority directly. Changes in your financial situation may make you eligible for additional aid, so it’s wise to work with your agency to see what may be available.