Rent Collection Made Easy

Ensure timely rent payments with added flexibility by utilizing tools from Zego and Flex

It’s no secret that monthly rent collection can be a time-consuming and complicated task, especially when managing multiple properties. 

Being a property manager shouldn’t mean spending all your time chasing down late rent payments. Using a rent payment portal has the potential to turn your monthly collections into a seamless experience for your staff and residents.

Meet Zego, an online payment portal that has partnered with Flex to ensure timely payments to properties, while offering renters access to flexible payment options that work with their budgets and cash flow.

Flex works seamlessly with Zego’s rent payment portal, allowing you to manage your tenant payments from the palm of your hand. 

We ensure rent is paid on time every month on the day it’s due, avoiding late or partial payments from residents, and leaving you with more time to focus on renter satisfaction. 

Not only can Zego improve your workflow, but studies show that providing renters with an accessible way to pay rent can also improve tenant retention.

How does it work?

First, register your property with Zego to support online and flexible rent payments to your residents. 

Then, renters set their own rent payment plan in just three easy steps.

  1. Residents login to Zego
    They select the flexible rent payment option in the Zego portal.

  2. Residents set custom schedules
    Residents are automatically linked to sign on to Flex and gain the flexibility to pay rent in installments that fit their schedule.

  3. You get paid in full and on time
    Flex always pays rent on time on behalf of your resident, helping you avoid collections and giving you the freedom to invest time and resources in other critical business decisions.