Our mission

Flex helps people pay bills on a schedule that works for them.

You should be able to choose when you pay your bills.

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2022 and you’re still not able to choose when you pay your bills. Service providers (like landlords) choose the date that you need to pay them by, even if that doesn’t work well with your finances. Studies show that important expenses that fall on inconvenient dates are the number one cause of late fees, overdrafts and people falling into debt. At Flex, we’re here to change all of that.

A better type of bill payment.

Starting with rent, our mission is to enable you to choose the days that you pay your critical bills, and stop worrying about making payments and having funds on days that don’t work for you. We’ve built a system that automatically connects to almost every major rent payment company, so we can make sure your rent is covered on the 1st, and that you can choose the rent payment days you’d like to pay on. As we expand to other bills, we hope to become your hassle-free bill payment center; where you get to easily arrange and manage your finances without stress.

Getting better is in our DNA.

As we go about building something that’s never been built before, we know we’re going to run into bumps and snags. We’re always looking to improve the Flex product and experience, and are constantly listening to feedback and making things better. If you ever have any feedback, tips or suggestions, please let us know.