Split rent into
two payments.

Flex is a monthly subscription that helps you pay rent on time, improve cash flow and build your credit history.

How to use Flex.

Using Flex is quick and easy.

Sign up for Flex

Enter your property details, check your eligibility for a Flex Line of Credit, add a card, and confirm your payment schedule.

For speedy sign up, have your rent portal login ready with your estimated rent amount. Download the Flex app to easily manage payments.

You pay half your rent when it’s due.

Once your bill is posted, Flex will authorize a hold for half your rent amount (1st payment) on your card.

Keep enough funds to cover the 1st payment in your linked debit card by the last day of the prior month.

Flex pays your rent in full.

Your 1st payment is collected after Flex successfully processes your full rent amount directly with your property.

Allow 24-48 hours for Flex to process your rent once the 1st payment is authorized. We’ll email you once your rent has been paid.

You pay the other half later in the month.

Wait for your 2nd scheduled payment date (adjustable in the app until six days before the end of the month), or pay when it’s convenient for you.

For more financial flexibility, align your 2nd payment with your paycheck.

You’re in business!

Enjoy flexible rent payments every month. We will reach out if anything changes.

Flex runs automatically each month, with the option to cancel or pause anytime before the final five days of the month.

Paying with Flex.

Let’s break down a $2000 rent payment when paying with debit.

Payment type
You pay
Example payment dates
1st payment
1st of each month

Flex will start collecting your 1st payment as soon as your rent bill is posted on the rent portal which can happen as early as the last day of the prior month.

2nd payment
15th of each month

You have the flexibility to choose your 2nd payment date and adjust it until the last six days of the month.

Membership fee
15th of each month

Payments made with a debit card include half of the rent plus a 0.75% processing fee.


Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Once you successfully sign up for Flex, the app will show your account is active and you’ll receive a welcome email.
Starting on the last day of the month, Flex will automatically process your rent bill. Simply make sure that your 1st payment (half of rent plus 0.75% rent processing fee) is available to ensure a smooth and timely bill pay process. We’ll notify you if you need to take any additional actions.

Flex will authorize your rent payment after your property posts the balance due for that month. Once your 1st payment is authorized, Flex pays your full rent amount directly to your property with the other half covered by your Flex Line of Credit. Flex then collects your 1st payment once it verifies that your rent has been successfully paid. The 1st payment will be half the posted rent amount plus a payment processing fee.

You have the flexibility to reschedule your 2nd payment in the app until six days before the end of the month. You must pause or cancel five days before the end of the month. Most customers prefer to pause Flex instead of closing their accounts. If you close your Flex account you’ll have to re-apply to use Flex again in the future.

Reschedule: To reschedule your payment, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the Flex app and then navigate to Settings > Repayment Date. From there, hit the Update button to select a new eligible date for your repayment.

Pause: If you do not wish to use Flex Services to pay your rent payment in a specific month, you may pause your Flex Services membership by reaching out to our support team by sending us a request. The pause option allows you to pause your Flex Services membership and keep your Blue Ridge Bank Flex Line of Credit account open. Flex will continue to report your Blue Ridge Bank Flex Line of Credit account as open to TransUnion. Pausing is similar to keeping a credit card open while not actively using the card.

Cancel: You can cancel your Flex Services membership by reaching out to our support team by sending us a request. or using the CANCEL button within the Flex app. We will close your Blue Ridge Bank Flex Line of Credit account once your balance remaining is $0 and we confirm that no additional charges are due. We will report your Blue Ridge Bank Flex Line of Credit account as closed to TransUnion.

Each month Flex will receive the balance due directly from your property so you do not need to worry about updating this yourself. You can rest assured that if the balance posted is ever significantly higher or lower than the estimated rent amount you signed up with, Flex will first reach out to confirm the rent amount our system should process before submitting that payment.

You must have the funds for your 1st payment before Flex will pay your rent. As long as you have enough funds in your linked account by the 5th, you can still use Flex, but the later Flex pays your rent, the more likely your property will charge you a late fee. Unfortunately, Flex won’t be able to cover your rent for any month where you don’t have the 1st payment funds available by 1pm ET on the 5th.

If you do not have the funds for your 1st payment by the 5th of the month, your account will be deactivated.

To see if your property building can use Flex, create an account and enter your address to verify. If your property does not appear in the onboarding screens, please send us a request to determine eligibility.

Once you’ve confirmed your property supports Flex, you can start using Flex at any point during your lease. There are certain criteria for eligibility:

  • You need to prequalify for a Flex Line of Credit, which we evaluate based on your credit report information, payment history, and other factors.
  • Your rent payment amount must be posted in the rent portal.
  • Your rent portal must allow for payment by a bank account.

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