Welcome to the new era of rent.

Optimize your cash flow and boost NOI with flexible rent payments.

1 in 5 U.S. properties trust Flex to improve the resident experience and get paid on time.

Flex makes property management simple.

1. Residents sign up for Flex.

Tenants choose their preferred payment schedule.

2. You get paid rent in full, on time.

Flex pays your residents' rent in full when it’s due.

3. Residents make payments
to Flex.

Tenants pay their rent in two payments instead of one.

84% of current partners consider Flex a valuable amenity.

Save time and effort.

Minimize time and effort spent
collecting rent.

Flex your ESG initiatives.

Promote financial well-being by offering an alternative rent solution.

Stabilize cash flow.

Regularly receive rent
payments on time.

Increase resident retention.

Reduce friction by helping residents avoid late fees and alleviate stress.

Seamless integration, live within 24 hours.

Experience seamless integration with your existing management software or payment portal, including the industry’s top platforms.

Discover a low-lift, zero-cost option to boost resident retention.

Enter your property details, and an expert from our sales team will be in touch within 24 hours.

If you are a resident and need support, visit our support center.