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Boost NOI while creating a superior resident experience.

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Flex is offered in 5.5M units across the U.S.

Flex simplifies rent payment and collection.

1. Residents sign up on the Flex mobile app.

Residents choose their preferred payment schedule.

2. You get paid in full, on time.

Flex pays your residents' rent in full when it’s due. Plus, Flex is free to property managers.

3. Residents pay Flex back in two manageable payments.

Residents pay their rent to Flex in two payments instead of one.

84% of current partners consider Flex a strategic solution for growth.

Stabilize cash flow

Get peace of mind with predictable, on-time rent payments. 

Increase staff productivity

Put rent collection on autopilot and reduce phone calls and paperwork – your staff will thank you. *Some partners report saving ~5 hours per month, per staff member — time previously spent chasing down rent.

Improve resident retention

Retain quality residents with a mobile payment option that makes paying rent as easy as ordering an Uber.

Seamless integration, live within 24 hours.

Experience seamless integration with your existing management software or payment portal, including the industry’s top platforms.

A paperless payment option that boosts resident retention - and costs you nothing.

Enter your property details and a Flex specialist will be in touch within 24 hours.

If you are a resident and need support, visit our support center.