The easiest way for your residents to pay rent

Flex pays your residents’ full rent on-time each month and lets them pay Flex on their own schedule throughout the month

Happy residents

Residents pay rent on their preferred schedule and avoid late fees.

Quick and easy

Integrate and start offering Flex to residents before next rent week.

Improve retention

Turn rent into an amenity that helps retain your residents.

Boost sales

Improve leasing conversion and reduce turnover.

Boost resident credit

With Flex, residents build credit score through doing what they already do - pay their rent!

Enroll your property with Flex. Integration is quick and painless.
Residents apply in under 3 minutes with real-time approval
Residents choose a payment schedule that best fits them
We ACH you the full rent balance on the 1st and take on the collections

Easy integration

Our quick enrollment process makes it easy to integrate with your existing payment portal. Residents can apply and get approved in minutes.

Contact us

If you’re a landlord or manager looking to enroll your portfolio with Flex, please fill out the form, and our partnerships team will reach out.