Flexible Rent Payments: Pay Rent When You Want

Most landlords don’t allow for flexible rent payments. Rent is due on the first, unless you like paying late fees.

That’s why we started Flex: an app that splits your rent into smaller payments throughout the month. With flexible payment plans, you can set rent payments to arrive on your schedule. Instead of paying your rent in one lump sum, you have more control over how you pay the rent.

Flex can help you avoid late fees and overdraft charges entirely. With no hidden charges, you’re in complete control of what you pay.

How Flex Works

Once you’re approved for Flex, you can set a payment schedule so that you don’t owe all of your rent on the same day every month.

From there, Flex covers your rent on the first of the month. You pay Flex back in increments, depending on your payment plan. It’s a little like a credit card – but without the massive fees you’d run into if you paid your rent that way.

If anything comes up that might get in the way of your scheduled rent payments, you can reschedule them for a later date. Life happens, and we want to give you the flexibility to pay rent on a timeline that works for you.

All it costs is a straightforward monthly fee of $19.99. Compared to the alternatives, Flex offers an inexpensive way to make flexible rent payments on a schedule of your choosing.

Flex Lets You Make Flexible Rent Payments

If you’re like most renters, paying your rent at the end of the month is your biggest expense of the month – by far. By granting you the ability to make flexible rent payments in smaller increments, Flex makes your entire budget that much more flexible and reduces the stress of trying to come up with a large sum of cash on a monthly deadline.

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