Rent pay
your way.

Split your rent in two and pay on your schedule.

Rent pay
your way.

Split your rent in
two and pay on
your schedule.

How Flex works.

With Flex, you choose when and how you pay rent. Each month, you pay half of your total rent and finance the other half with a Flex line of credit. You have the flexibility to choose your second payment date to better align with your paycheck.

You pay half right away…

We pay your rent in full to your property when it’s due.

…and you pay the other half later.

$14.99 monthly membership
plus rent processing fee.

Why people love Flex.

I do recommend anyone using this. It’s helping my credit, and my rent is always on time.


I love this. As a single mom living paycheck to paycheck right now, I love having my rent split since I only get paid twice a month and have other large bills! Really helps not to have penny pinch in between paydays.


I recently started a new job, and paydays are on the 7th and 21st. Excellent way to pay your rent to balance out the month.


So convenient, takes so much stress off, and their communication is amazing.


I love no longer being late on my rent—saves me money in late fees.


This app helps incredibly to improve cash flow and balance.


Are you an owner or property manager? We can help you help your residents.

With Flex, you’ll receive rent payments on time at no cost to you.