Ohio Rent Assistance: Where to Get Help with Rent

If you’re struggling to pay rent or have fallen behind on your monthly rent payments, getting help with the rent may be a priority. Luckily, there are quite a few options available, giving you places to turn when you’re experiencing a financial crisis. If you aren’t sure where to get help, here are some places you can find assistance paying the rent in Ohio.

Where to Get Help Paying the Rent in Ohio

Ohio Community Action Agencies

Through a local Ohio Community Action Agency (CAA), households that are struggling to pay rent may be able to get financial support. Ohio CAAs are administering funds managed by the state of Ohio -including certain COVID-19 relief programs as well as initiatives designed to combat homelessness – making them the go-to source for many Ohioans.

For rent assistance through an Ohio CAA, households must:

  • Have an income level at or below 80 percent of the area median income for their county
  • Have a demonstrated risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability
  • For COVID-19 relief, have a financial hardship related to the pandemic

It’s also important to note that Ohio CAAs can assist with other financial issues. For example, households may be eligible for help with utility bills or mortgage payments. At times, the program requirements for these can vary from those for rent assistance, so it’s best to check with a local CAA for more information.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Through the Ohio Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) program, low-income households may be able to receive short-term financial support. It’s funded by the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, aimed specifically at households with children and pregnant women or teens, ensuring they have additional financial security.

The precise kind of support that’s available does vary by county. However, some – such as Montgomery County – do include rent assistance in the program. You’ll need to check with your local office to find out what is available, as well as whether you are eligible for assistance.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a faith-based organization that provides assistance to those experiencing poverty and homelessness. At times, this can include emergency rent assistance, particularly if a lack of financial support would lead directly to homelessness.

Program requirements can vary. Additionally, as a smaller nonprofit, fund availability can be an issue. However, if St. Vincent de Paul can’t offer direct support, it may be able to connect you with other local options for assistance.

Groveport Madison Human Needs

While Groveport Madison Human Needs (GMHN) serves a limited area, those who live in the neighborhood may be able to secure up to $300 in housing assistance. Additionally, GMHN may be able to offer support for other financial needs, including medical bills, utilities, or car repairs.

Central Community House

Central Community House does provide direct financial assistance to qualifying households, including funds to help with rent. Through the emergency assistance program, you may be able to get support for a range of other needs as well, such as food, utility, and healthcare costs. However, funds may be limited, so help is subject to availability. Additionally, restrictions do apply, so you’ll need to reach out to determine if you’re eligible.

St. Stephen’s Community House

Another community-oriented organization, St. Stephen’s Community House does offer rent assistance to qualifying individuals. If you live in Franklin County, meet the requirements, and funds are available, they may be able to help you with rent or other emergency financial needs.

Catholic Charities of Northwest Ohio

A faith-based organization, Catholic Charities of Northwest Ohio does provide emergency funds to qualifying households living in Erie, Huron, Lucas, or Richland Counties. The exact nature of the financial support available and the eligibility requirements can vary depending on location. However, the organization may also be able to connect you with other services if they can’t offer direct support.

CHN Housing Partners

If you’re struggling to pay rent due to COVID-19, you may be eligible for support through CHN Housing Partners. You do have to live in Cleveland or Cuyahoga County to qualify for the program, as well as meet income requirements and have a demonstrated financial hardship. Additionally, those on the precipice of eviction do have higher priority, though they aren’t necessarily the only ones who get assistance.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a national organization with regional offices, including some in Ohio, that may be able to offer rent assistance. Qualifications can vary from one program to the next. However, a demonstrated financial hardship and qualifying as a low-income household are both typically part of the equation.

Ultimately, there is a Salvation Army location serving every zip code in the nation, though support is offered through local offices. You can use the Salvation Army location search to find your nearest location that provides emergency assistance, allowing you to learn more about what’s available in your area and whether you may qualify.

United Way

Another national organization that offers support services throughout the country, the United Way does offer rent assistance to qualifying individuals. In fact, they may be able to provide financial help for a range of other needs too, including food, utilities, and more.

As with many programs, eligibility requirements do vary. To find out if you qualify for rent assistance, you’ll need to contact your local United Way in Ohio.

Ohio Public Housing Authorities

If you currently live in public housing or use a voucher program and are having trouble making rent, contacting your local Ohio Public Housing Authority is your best bet. In some cases, changes to your financial situation could qualify you for additional support or rent reductions, depending on the program involved.